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Custom RGB channels for textures in UE5




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Bridge in UE5 should drag and drop pre-optimized *.UASSET files for you to work with already. Have you used it yet?

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  • Matt P.

    I have used it and there's no export settings like the image above (from Bridge live link in UE4). If I wanted to create a texture mask like 
    R - Roughness

    G - Displacement

    B - Opacity

    I can't easily do so in UE5, I would need to use UE4 with the Bridge live link and export the texture to UE4 and then migrate the imported texture to UE5. It would streamline the process if the same export settings of the Bridge app used with UE4 were in the UE5 version.

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  • Hello Matt P.

    Thanks for providing additional information. Currently, custom channel packing isn't supported in Unreal Engine 5 Preview. When downloading an asset, a packed map is included for AO, Roughness, and Displacement, however, these channels are not editable in the available versions of UE5.

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