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Metahuman won't download i have tryed many times today and yesterday



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  • Hello MrZondyz,

    Thanks for reaching out. You're likely correct in that you don't have enough storage space available. Most Preset MetaHumans are at about the 8GB range when downloaded with 8k maps. Depending on the resolution you've created your custom MetaHumans with, the size needed may very well be more than what you currently have available.

    You can relocate where MetaHumans, and all other Megascans, are saved on your machine by changing the Library Path within Bridge (Edit > Settings). 

    Please note, however, that even after your Library Path has been altered to a different drive, the download may still encounter errors if you don't have enough space on your C: drive. If necessary, please clear space on both your C:/ drive as well as the drive you set your downloads to with your Local Library path and try again. 

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