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After Bridge Reset and Plugin Revamp,Difficulties in step 5......help



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  • Anna King

    Hey there, thanks for posting! I'm sorry to hear about this. 

    Bridge populates the available plugin list using its access to your internet service, which is one of the many reasons it needs consistent, unrestricted, access. In this case, let's start with some troubleshooting steps to ensure that Bridge is able to connect properly.

    Before beginning, please completely shut down Bridge. 

    1. On Windows, right-click the clock on the taskbar and go to "Adjust Date/Time."

    2. Check to ensure both "Set Time Automatically" and "Set Timezone Automatically" are turned on.

    3. Please ensure that Bridge is not being blocked by any Firewall or Anti-virus software.

    4. Run Bridge as Admin, to make sure it has both Read and Write access. Please note that you'll only have to run Bridge as Admin the first time after installation.

    If the issue is still persisting after, please let us know, and we can open a ticket for you and take a look at your log files. 


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