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My MetaHumans is empty on Quixel bridge 5.0




  • Laila Shahzad

    Hi Brian2274, thanks for posting! Are you using 1 account for your MetaHumans, or do you have 2 accounts? If you have 2 accounts, please ensure to check that you're logged in the correct account.

    Could you also please share what happens when you attempt to download it in the stand-alone version of Bridge? Any screenshots that you can share, or in the case of a video, please upload to streamable.com and paste the link here once processed.

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  • atom1k

    In quixel bridge go to my UE5 Metahumans, Favorite the ones you want. Go to UE5, Go to quixel bridge, sign out of your account and resign back in. It should reregister the meta humans.

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  • Brian2274

    I favorited one of them and all my custom metahumans became visible after the restart. Thank you

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