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BRIDGE 2022 does not work. It does not do any kind of download !




  • Yasir Q

    Hello Regis3D

    Thank you for reaching out to us through the support forum. We're aware of an issue with users on the "Free Trial" plan unable to download free assets on the latest version of Bridge. Our engineers are working on it. Please follow the steps below to install the previous version of Bridge:

    Bridge Clean Uninstall

    1. Open Bridge and navigate to Edit > Settings - note your Local Library Path to set this field to the same location later.
        (I recommend Copy/Pasting it to notepad for the time being. Once copied, close Bridge.)
    2. Navigate to "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming" folder and delete "Bridge" and "Megascans Bridge."
    3. Navigate to your "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local" and delete "megascans-bridge-updater" folder. 
    4. Now open Add\Remove Programs from your Control Panel and uninstall Bridge. 

    This removes Bridge and all the residual configuration files from your system. 

    Bridge Installation

    6. Download the previous version of Bridge from here(Do not use an existing installer).
    7. Once installed, the application will start automatically; however, close it before you do anything.
    8. Re-open Bridge manually by right-clicking the application and Run as Administrator. 
    9. Within the Settings window, re-designate your Local Library Path to your previously existing directory copied from step 1.

    Now, try downloading the assets again. If the problem persists, please let us know. 

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    I've resolved this problem, after a huge time of trying, uninstallation,re-installations...etc creating a new Windows User and from this new User all is worked again perfectly

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    Another possible solution, avoiding to re-create another win account with all the proper settings, passwords, etc. is:

    1) from original account (account1) create another admin account (account2)

    2) from Control Panel /users change the kind of User Account at the Account1 (set as standard)

    3) Run Bridge with the option Run as Administrator and when asked set the password of the Account2 (that is the only one with Administrator rights)

    4) download the items from Bridge




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  • Yasir Q

    Hello GIOLETS

    Thank you for sharing this workaround.

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